Aid Workers Are Not a Target – occupied Palestinian territory

InterAction extends its heartfelt condolences to the families and colleagues of the humanitarians who have tragically lost their lives in Gaza..

Gaza has evolved into one the world’s most dangerous places for humanitarians to provide aid. As of March 20, 2024, at least 196 humanitarians have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of the war.

Today, Israeli airstrikes killed seven World Central Kitchen (WCK) team members in Gaza. The WCK team was in a deconflicted zone in cars branded with the WCK logo. Despite the coordinated efforts with the IDF, the convoy was still struck by incoming fire.

The continued attacks by the IDF on humanitarians and civilian infrastructure are not isolated incidents.

Anera’s long time staff member, Mousa Shawwa, was killed by an Israeli strike on March 8; the coordinates of his shelter were provided for deconfliction many times.

Project HOPE’s nurse, Mohammed Hamed Mansour Madi, was killed in an airstrike on his home in Gaza on March 3. He worked in their primary health clinic in Rafah around the clock to treat patients who were displaced.

On January 18, the Israeli Military struck the Medical Aid for Palestinians and the International Rescue Committee’s shared guest house in Gaza. They have reported it was likely a U.S. manufactured bomb that hit the residential compound in Al Mawasi that was considered a “safe zone” in Gaza.

This must end. Humanitarians should never be a target. And, as long as humanitarians are being targeted, aid cannot get to the people in need.

InterAction Member Statements on Attacks on NGO Workers and Humanitarian Infrastructure

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