Arithmophobia – Penny Arcade

He’s flipping out over those Unicorns and these Overlords and shit, so much so that he’s had to turn to rationing. It comes out on the 8th, so he won’t have to twist in the wind too long.

Atlus has done its typical fancypants preorder version, a ruse I can usually resist unless they’re doing it – I went to check it out, and apparently it comes with a whole other two to four player card game? And it looks kinda fuckin’ good? God dammit. The last physical game I purchased was probably… Wasteland II? In 2018. I had a good streak going.

On this, the sacred #Fridabe, I think the plan is to start Diving into Hell as soon as we can. It’s full of bugs and robots and shit, we gotta get ’em outta there. The opponents of Managed Democracy are either too wet, or too dry – we could go around and around about it, but ultimately it’s about the moisture ratio. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing: low orbit guns that fire human bullets. See you around 10:30 my time.

(CW)TB out.

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