Best Linkedin Marketing Tools for 2022

When it comes to marketing your business, you want it to pop. Stand out. Be the best of the best. La crème de la crème. (You know what we mean). You need the best marketing tools on your side at all times, no matter what you do.

There are some amazing marketing tools out there to help you network, gain more leads and soar to the top on LinkedIn in 2022.

We’ve listed our top picks to help you blaze your way to the front of the pack.


If you have tried to reach out to connections on LinkedIn with promotions, or information about something like an upcoming webinar, you know the platform doesn’t always like this type of action in bulk. You can risk having your account restricted or blocked, which is obviously no good. Expandi helps you get around this.

Designed to work with Sales Navigator and Recruiter Premium, (which are both internal tools owned and supported by LinkedIn itself), Expandi is entirely compatible with the networking platform. This tool helps you expand your network and engage in better outreach. Add images and GIFs for personalization in messages. Automate your responses, manage campaigns, and engage with contacts seamlessly on LinkedIn Chat. Contact the right people in the right way to get ahead.

Text Blaze

Do you find yourself sending out the same email over and over to prospective or current clients? Is it mind-numbing? Text Blaze understands your pain.

Text Blaze allows you to use keyboard shortcuts and snippet text to streamline your messages. Communicate faster and with more accuracy, while avoiding mistakes. You can use templates to message prospects on Linkedin and personalize them however you need. Their dynamic templates allows you to keep your messaging consistent across all platforms and throughout your team with shared folders.

This amazing tool works with Linkedin, Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, Twitter, and so much more. Text Blaze really is the ultimate time-saver, if we do say so ourselves.


Dux-Soup is an ultra-useful marketing tool that searches LinkedIn profiles automatically, looking for people who may be interested in the products or services you sell. In short, it does all that time-consuming work for you!

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Are you looking for a way to endorse more of your contacts for skills quickly? Do you need to send automated greetings, or post information to many profiles at once? Dux-Soup will help you do it all. At its highest level of service, this tool can even be integrated with your CRM software.


According to the company’s own website, Zopto is the top automation tool now available for LinkedIn. With this powerhouse, you get lead generation, automation, unbeatable insights, access to statistics, and more. Find out how your LinkedIn marketing efforts are going and enjoy easy integration with your CRM systems. You can also use Zopto to check in on your systems remotely, away from your computer.

Just like Expandi, this marketing tool integrates with LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator. You need to have these already active. Boost your outreach and take advantage of faster conversions and better lead generation.


Is managing your social media accounts starting to take up an overwhelming amount of your time? SocialPilot can take the reins and help. This comprehensive marketing tool allows you to connect over 50 accounts and schedule your Linkedin posts, so they hit the mark every time. You can also stay on top of all conversations related to your business with a “social inbox” without the need to log in to each account separately.

SocioPilot allows you to visualize your team’s marketing strategy on a social calendar, monitor and analyze your social performance, and ultimately reach a wide audience. Share specially curated content, take advantage of custom feeds, and more. Go big and upload up to 500 posts at once with bulk scheduling! Simply put, SocialPilot allows you to raise your productivity level in just a few clicks.


SalesLoft is described as a “co-pilot for your customer relationship management”. This tool automates interactions between buyers and sellers but allows you to retain personalization in your emails, phone calls, direct mail interactions, and social messaging. You can generate more leads and uncover gaps in your deal cycle. This allows you to better determine why some deals are slipping through the cracks. You can now adjust your sales loop to fix this.

Sales calls can be recorded and reviewed, and best-performing calls can be replicated in order to increase your revenue. Your whole team can benefit from your best sales rep! Get access to analytics and reporting, log and sync calls, and so much more.

Want to save hours of repetitive with personalized Linkedin templates for free?

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Sometimes, you just need better slides to share on Linkedin to stand out. Let Slidesgo help you out. This tool allows you to access free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates for the best presentations this side of the Atlantic Ocean, (and maybe the other side, too). Create helpful infographics and Venn diagrams that are the talk of the town. Bring essential statistics to life with gorgeous visuals. Your coworkers and potential clients will thank you later.


You can peruse through LinkedIn on your own searching for the best-looking B2B campaigns and try to learn something from them, one piece at a time. Or, you can use Cleverly. This marketing tool draws from data gathered from thousands of outbound business-to-business campaigns. It then uses insightful results to send personalized messages to the best-ever potential clients. With new leads won on LinkedIn for over 5000 satisfied users, Cleverly works.

This year, why not close more deals, get better outreach, and connect with the right people. Get your choice of 250 or 500 prospects per month and find out how the competition does it.

Phantom Buster

Simply put, Phantombuster can automate everything you do on the web. As a content scraper, this tool extracts data from the web for you to use for your CRM, social networking, and more. Scrape and export results from a LinkedIn search and put them in a spreadsheet. Scrape profiles for data (even emails), and send automated yet personalized invitations to connect. You can also scrape and export Sales Navigator search data and more. This tool will not only present you with the information but extract actionable insights that allow you to generate even more leads, right now.

To Wrap up

Marketing on LinkedIn presents innumerable opportunities for moving your business forward. At Text Blaze, we take your success to heart and want to help you create a marketing fire! (Well, the right kind of fire that doesn’t destroy buildings and burn down trees. You get it).

Get Text Blaze today. It’s time to type better.

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Text Blaze works on many sites

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