Bruno Spaas Architectuur Employ WWI-Era Ship Camouflage to Enhance a Studio Apartment in Antwerp | Yatzer

Underpinned by complex geometric shapes in contrasting colours, the intention behind using Dazzle camouflage was not to conceal but to make it difficult to estimate a target’s range, speed and heading, not unlike the effect created by the patterned coats of animals such as the giraffe, zebra and jaguar. In the case of this apartment, which combines small rooms with five-meter-high ceilings, the irregular stripe pattern both subverts the spatial perception, making for example, the kitchen feel wider and the mezzanine higher and more spacious, and creates a unified atmosphere, painted as it is across floors, walls and ceilings. By toning down the colour contrast, opting for an almost monochromatic white and light grey combination as a counterpoint to the zany geometries, the team has also managed to create a calming environment.

Strategically positioned mirrors increase spaciousness and brightness, while an eye-popping warm yellow colour, used to paint the interior of the kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, as well as the entire bathroom and hallway, create surprising moments of pure delight that playfully animate the scheme’s minimalist starkness.

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