‘I left pool noodles outside on accident’: 20+ Confounding reasons people got fired

These people couldn’t believe what they were hearing when their bosses told them they were fired. That’s because these workers were let go for some pretty off-the-wall reasons. 

The usual reasons people are fired are things like repeated latenesses, complaints from customers, talking back to management, or being put on a PIP (performance improvement plan) without improving. Most companies try to avoid firing people if possible, but sometimes it’s avoidable. 

At least you’re not the person who got fired for being too tall! They claim that their boss didn’t like them towering over top of them, and that was all it took to get kicked to the curb. Another person was working, and their manager told them they could leave. Then that worker got fired… for leaving work that day! Clearly, some managers or owners just have it out for certain employees, and they need to make sure they have a plausible enough reason for firing them. 

Check out this great question from u/strykazoid, who requested to hear about the dumbest reasons people ever got laid off. Then, read about the unfortunate case of the boss who fired an employee as an April Fool’s prank, only for that employee to take their boss completely seriously. 

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